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Gamification in Employee Training and Learning


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Gamification for Better Employee Training and Learning

Challenge: Creating a knowledgeable, engaged workforce to improve business performance

Effective professional development and robust learning communities can have real, measurable impacts on productivity, compliance and retention. Why? Because when your employees are disinterested and/or poorly trained, they:

  • Fail to adopt enterprise processes and software, diminishing ROI
  • Complete mandatory courses by rote, minimizing retention and utilization
  • Do not see accomplishing learning tasks as part of a larger goal or mission
  • Lack incentive for sharing and contributing to innovation and new insights
  • Lose enthusiasm for training programs for sales

Solution: Digital engagement that benefits all training and learning levels

Our digital engagement platform integrates gamification and big data analytics with your existing systems to generate what we at Bunchball call “performance enhancing data.” Businesses that use performance enhancing data have proven again and again that it drives engagement, improving the ROI for existing systems and boosting outcomes overall. With Bunchball’s Nitro gamification platform you can:

  • Onboard new employees faster, starting with easy, introductory missions
  • Encourage mastery with progressive missions, leveling and goals targeting individuals or teams
  • Maintain interest using limited availability, time-based and personal achievement goals
  • Create groups and competitions to promote positive team behavior and compel action
  • Make social sharing a daily practice, recognized in leaderboards, notifications and newsfeeds
  • Gain insight into what motivates employees to learn and share via robust analytics and expert reports

As a result, gamification in training and learning adds value across the enterprise:

  • Employees receive feedback to drive better performance and employee satisfaction.
  • Managers get the data they need to inform coaching and optimization strategies for better business results.
  • Executives gain insights into the business, creating a competitive advantage.

Move the Needle: Gamification Training KPIs

By tracking activities and responses to incentives, Bunchball helps you make real, measurable improvements to your key performance indicators (KPIs). With employee training gamification you can:

  • Increase course completion rates and certifications
  • Encourage voluntary learning and expand activity and resource use
  • Raise employee satisfaction and reduce turnover
  • Boost collaboration and sharing in social platforms
  • Identify behaviors that correlate with better performance
  • Improve training programs for sales

Gamification Learning with Bunchball Nitro

Bunchball combines the most advanced gamification technology with the deepest expertise and the best execution track record to deliver real, measurable results. Our proven, cloud-based gamification engine integrates easily with enterprise apps and portals to increase your ROI. Learn more about Bunchball Nitro.